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Addiction: Meaning

ginger-1332316_640Meaning of Addiction

Meaning of Addiction


Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance like marijuana, codeine, alcohol, cocaine, nicotine or involves in an activity like fighting, drinking, smoking, gambling, sex, shopping etc. that can be pleasurable but when the act is continuous  becomes compulsive and interferes with life responsibilities, such as emotions, rage, work, relationships, or health.

The user may not be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves and others.

Addiction with time encroaches upon and over time invades the normal, healthy tissue of the addict’s personality in a mannerstrikingly similar to tumor in the body system. Addiction is a disease, just as diabetes and cancer are diseases.

It is not simply a weakness. People from all backgrounds, rich or poor, can get addicted. It can occur at any age, but it usually starts at a tender age.

Drug Addiction

When a drug user can’t stop taking a drug even if he wants to, it is known as drug addiction. Here, the urge is too strong to control, even when he knows that the drug is causing harm to his life, health, or work.When people start taking drugs, they don’t plan on getting addicted.

What comes to their mind is that they like how the drug makes them feel. They have the belief that they can control how much and how often they take the drug. However, drugs change the brain. Drug users start to need the drug just to feel normal and alive.

That is how addiction sets in and it can quickly take over a person’s life. Addiction can become more important than the need for the user to eat or sleep. They feel the urge to get and use the drug at every moment of their life.

This replaces all the things the person used to enjoy. A drug addict might do almost anything like lying, stealing, or hurting people just to keep taking the drug.

It is a brain disease

Drugs change how the brain works.These changes in the brain can last for quite a long while.They can cause problems like flare in emotions, rage, mood swings, memory loss, cause trouble thinking and decisions making.

Drug abuse and addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the drug user and to those around him.

Drug abuse and addiction pose negative consequences for individuals and the society.

The addict is double-minded because he cannot really and truly desire recovery until he already has it. Recovery is about restoring natural, spontaneous and healthy regulation of mood and feelings.

Sex addiction: Meaning

Sex addiction is a phenomenon in which people cannot manage their sexual behavior. In this case, the individual is obsessed with sexual thoughts; these thoughts interfere with their ability to work effectively, have real relationships, and go about their daily activities.

Many say that sexual addiction is a form of obsession. A sex addict is obsessed with sex, or has an abnormally intense drive for sex. Their lives are sex dominated to the extent that other activities and interactions become seriously affected. Sexual addiction may be nothing more than strong sexual desire and not really a disorder.

Some sex addiction behaviors may include:masturbation, extra marital affairs, Multiple one-night stands, Multiple sexual partners, Persistent use of pornography, Practicing unsafe sex, Cybersex, Prostitution, voyeurism, Sexual harassment or Rape, Detachment etc.

Similarities between Drug and Sex Addiction

Drug and sex addiction have similar effects on the brain. this is because both primarily influence the brain system through a neurotransmitter called dopamine.

When a person satisfies his desire that is vital to survival or reproduction, dopamine is released, causing the person to experience pleasure or euphoria.

The use of a drug stimulates the release of dopamine and mimics those behaviors necessary for survival, causing a person to become increasingly reliant on drugs for the release of dopamine.

Sex addiction works in a similar manner in that each time a sex addict partakes in sexual behaviors; he or she experiences a rush of endorphins, creating a powerful incentive to engage in the behavior again.This perpetuates a vicious cycle and the person finds that he or she is driven and controlled by the desire for reward.

This is what makes it so difficult for addicts to quit and why they need the help of a professional.


It is a disease that is preventable. There different results from various researches which have shown that prevention programs involving families, schools, communities, and the media are effective in reducing drug and sex addiction.

Although many events and cultural factors affect drug abuse trends, when youths perceive drug abuse as harmful, they reduce their drug taking.

Education and outreach are key in helping youth and the general public understands the risks of drug and sex addiction.

Teachers, parents, medical practitioners and public health professionals must keep sending the message that drug addiction can be prevented if one never abuses drugs.

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