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Suicide Awareness

Suicide: A suicide is a death by a self-inflicted injury under circumstances in which the individual intended or should have reasonably expected that this injury would result in his or her death. Suicide is when people direct violence at themselves with the intent to end their lives, and they die ...

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Ways To Deal With Insecurity

Ways To Deal With Insecurity Insecurity: The lack of security, confidence. A prisoner of the mind. Every day I am afraid of the next. —A youth, Ekaterinburg, Russia Where there is no security, there is no life. —A man, Dagaar, Somaliland With only a few exceptions, notably in some isolated ...

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Ten Ways To Help Your Bullied Child


BULLYING Being bullied has become one of the most common things in today’s world; it happens mostly in kids. It doesn’t matter how young your child is, even if he is in the playgroup or kindergarten, there are chances for the other kids to bully him. If his classmates don’t ...

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